2015 Reunion Pictures

Special thanks to Lolly Farrar(Watson) and Eddie Watson (CHS Class of 1967) for taking the time and effort to capture these memories in the following pictures

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Gerald Baker delivering the Memorial speech at Shelbyville Central High School before Reunion Party.  To read his speech, go to "In Memory" or CLICK HERE 


(unknown),  Betty Baker, Linda Creson, Gerald Baker


test for alternative text Bear Hart


  Janet Grooms, Mickey (Self)and Tom McLean, Jill  and Ron Bell


Tommy Clifford, Gerald Baker, Lila (Collier) and Butch Beasley


Janet Grooms, Deborah Jones, Melinda Milton, Mickey (Self) McLean


  Coble Caperton, Doug Graves


 Gerald Tillett



 Doug Graves, Bob Higgins, Coble Caperton, Roby Cogswell



Marikay Tillett, Gerald and Betty Baker, Gerald Tillett


Nancy (Steelman) Pigg



Mary Barbara (Anderson) Brown, Phillip and Laura (Powell) Gentry, Claudia and Roger Donegan


Barbara (Bass) Boone, Harold and Carolyn Walker, Vicki (Burris) and Daniel  Brasier, Tom and Debbie (Smith) Allred, Barbara (Smith) and Richard Barnes

Deborah and Larry Jones, Jeanne (Bearden) Phillips, Melinda Milton, Mickey (Self) and Tom McLean, Jill and Ron Bell


Edith Sanders, Judy (Snell) Sanders, Brenda and Calvin Bearden


Marilyn’s guest, Marilyn (Rees) Cross, Roseanne and Joe Kimery, Larry and Dorothy (Cook) Womble


Tommy and Brenda Clifford, Mike Harvey, Bear and Mary Hart


Patsy (Stovall) (Napper)  and Donald Andrews, Vickie (Craddock) and ?? Faulkner, Randy Carroll, Trudy (Heath) and David Spence


Ruble Sanderson, Larry Segroves, Floy Bobo, Jeweline (Fisher) Segroves


Gerald Baker, Mike and Estelle Harvey


Joe Brady, Larry and Barbara Phillips, Leonard Beasley


Bob Higgins, Ray McCall


Coble Caperton


Melinda Milton


Debbie Cogswell, Mike Templeton


Janet Grooms, Ron Bell


Edith and Ricky Sanders


Debra Grooms York


Melinda Milton


Edith Sanders, Pete and Cathy (McClanahan) Kinser, Marilyn (McCallie) Morgan, Ricky Sanders


Sanders, Cathy (McClanahan) Kinser, Ricky Sanders


Dance Time!


Ron Bell and Deborah Jones


Connie  (Jackson) and Leonard Beasley


Barbara (Bass) Boone and Lolly (Farrar) Watson


Peggy (Harmon)  and Joe Brady


Ricky Sanders and Ron Bell


Ricky Sanders, Bob Higgins


Walt Wood, Roy Overcast


Lolly (Farrar) Watson, Roseanne Kimery, Marilyn (Rees) Cross


Nancy (Steelman) Pigg, Gerald Tillett


Lila (Collier) Beasley and Larry Phillips


Lila (Collier) Beasley and Larry Phillips


Doug Graves and Virginia Parrish


Mary and Bear Hart


Bear Hart


Peggy (Harmon) Brady


Rick Clanton


Roger Donegan


Dance Time!


Roby Cogswell


Roby Cogswell


Roby Cogswell


Roby Cogswell, Dan Parrish


Roby Cogswell, Dan Parrish


Roby Cogswell, Dan Parrish


Roby Cogswell


Gerald and Betty Baker, Estelle Harvey, Lila (Collier) and Butch Beasley, Bear and Mary Hart


Ron Bell, Peggy (Harmon) Brady, Bear Hart


Peggy(Harmon) Brady and Ron Bell


Virginia Parrish, Barbara (Bass) Boone, Ron Bell


Mickey (Self) McLean, Jeanne (Bearden) Phillips


Peggy (Harmon) and Joe Brady.....Viginia and Dan Parrish... Mickey (Self) McLean, Jeanne (Bearden) Phillips


Mike and Terry Templeton


Rick Clanton




Roby Cogswell, Ray McCall


Mike Harvey, Larry Jones


Cathy (McClanahan) Kinser and Barbara (Smith ) Barnes

Estelle and Mike Harvey, Larry Jones


Sara (McKay) and Walt Wood, Jeanne (Bearden) Phillips, Barbara (Bass) Boone




Lolly (Farrar) Watson, Nancy (Steelman) Pigg, Laura (Whitehead) Horn


Harold Walker, Lolly (Farrar) Watson


Larry Phillips, Terry Horn


Bob Higgins



Jeweline (Fisher) and Larry Segroves


Cathy (McClanahan) Kinser, Barbara (Smith) Barnes


Lila (Collier) Beasley

Estelle Harvey, Ron Bell, Coble Caperton, Mike Harvey, Roby Cogswell

Janet Grooms, Debra York


Linda (Creeson) Gilbert, Vickie (Craddock) Faulkner


Joe and Peggy (Harmon) Brady


Terry Templeton and Debbie Cogswell

Estelle and Mike Harvey, Lolly (Farrar) Watson

Estelle and Mike Harvey, Lolly (Farrar) Watson