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Kathy Thompson

Kathy Thompson
Name of your Spouse/Partner? How long have you been married/in relationship? If your spouse is deceased, date of death. John R. Lewis
Number of children? Number of grandchildren? Number of great grandchildren? Niece Jennifer and nephew Huntley
Are you retired? If not, what is your occupation? If so, how do you spend your spare time?


What items remain on your bucket list? Which items have you checked off?

Travel to New Zealand, Australia, and Alaska. Get back in the horse business and ride in the Celebration again! Build a log cabin.

What is your greatest achievement?

Being able to do what I’m doing at this age! Also, am now turkey and deer hunting.

What is your greatest reward in life?

Elected Most Loyal in junior high. My first blue ribbon at the Celebration! FFA Sweetheart. And John!

What is your greatest regret?

Losing Mother and Daddy

What are some of your healthy habits?

Was walking three miles a day. Now have macular degeneration but am successfully holding it at bay with shots.

What words of wisdom would you like to pass on to us?

Be true to yourself and always be a friend!

What is your dream vacation destination?


Share your most embarrassing or your funniest high school memory:

One night in high school we were having a party and bonfire at the Tillett’s lake. There was just one way in/ one way out. Thankfully, Gerald had cut a new way out, because we looked up...bonfire flaming...and here came the police over the hill! We vacated fast!