Big 50 Class Reunion

The following survey is to help us begin the planning of our Big 50!  The committee for our recent reunion had a wrap-up meeting, and we are all in agreement that this will be a reaIly special event for us.  In addition, we decided we don't want to wait until 2018 for us to get together again!  We are hoping to have an annual event leading up to the 50th!  So please take a little time to share your ideas and commitments to our great class!

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1)   What time of year, given your current schedule, will work best for our 50th Class reunion. Winter is not an option!!!

2)   What type of annual event would you like to see? Picnic? Bonfire/Weiner Roast? Breakfast? Weekend Travel?

3)   Would you be willing to coordinate any of these events? For example, we discussed having a bonfire at Gerald Baker's farm. Want to help with that? Would you be willing to secure a location and be the point of contact for a class breakfast? Want to plan a picnic? Want to coordinate a weekend get together? What other events are interesting?

4)   If yes, what event are you interested in? What other ideas for get-togethers would be fun?

5)   What events would you like to see for the Big 50?

6)   Would you be willing to serve on a committee or chair the Big 50?

Yes No
7)   If yes, which committee would you like to fill?

  Chair The Big 50
  Steering Committee
  Menu and Logistics
  Memorial Committee
  Chair Secondary Events like breakfast, Friday evening, etc.
  Classmate Notification
8)   Other comments or suggestions?