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05/27/10 12:19 PM #66    


Donna Hall (Edens)

Just got the notice of Barbara Bass's husband's death.  Barbara, I am so sorry. I lost my husband nearly 16 years ago and I do know what you are going through and what lies ahead. I hope you have emotional support around you, that is what will get you through this.  Keep the faith, it will get you through the future.  In sincere sympathy, Donna.

12/27/11 05:53 PM #67    


Larry Hart

JP:  on December 24th, God said: Welcome my son, job well done. Mary and I will miss your shining face.:

02/23/15 11:09 AM #68    


Lolly Farrar (Watson)

Thanks, Class of '68 for showing up!  I love this class.  You all helped make me the person I am today; and for me, our class reunions are a celebration of lives well lived!  Thanks for a great weekend, and thanks for all the wonderful memories!  Lolly

02/23/15 07:45 PM #69    


Lolly Farrar (Watson)

Rest in peace, Sandy Elmore!  Sandy and I often sat with each other because of how our names fell alphabetically.  He was such a quiet, stable, courteous young man...and he had a great time at our 40th reunion!  I am so proud of everything he accomplished in life. 

02/23/15 08:18 PM #70    


Dorothy Cook (Womble)

I would just like to say thanks to all that had a part in putting our reunion together Saturday night. It was a wonderful night seeing all my classmates that I haven't seen in years. The food was excellent but the friendship was even better. Thanks to Ricky and (The Cellars) for the fantastic music they provided for the night. A job very well done. I hope to see all of you again at our Big 50 year reunion. God Bless and love to you all, Dorothy Cook Womble.

02/25/15 04:32 AM #71    


Mike Templeton

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the 45+1 reunion a tremendous success!  Sorry that it took me a couple of days to post this response--I had to return home to Florida and let my hands thaw out so that I could type this message!  I know that the Committee worked very, very hard for the rest of us to have a memorable event!  Thanks to Lolly Farrar Watson, Sara McKay Wood, Lila Collier Beasley, Judy Stewart Day, Mary Bailiff Alexander, Dale Alexander, Gerald Baker, Debbie Smith Allred, Rick Clanton, Bear Hart, Mickey Self McClain, Barbara Bass Boone, Brenda Cook Sanderson, Barbara Smith Barnes and Larry Phillips!  

I really enjoyed seeing so many classmates and catching up on what is going on in our lives!  While so much has changed, there is still a lot that is the same--it was fun seeing everyone again.  I know that we are all looking forward to a #50, but maybe we don't have to wait that long.  We can always get together more frequently on a much less formal basis to stay in touch!  You are always welcome to come to Jacksonville!

02/25/15 03:25 PM #72    


Larry Hart

Sandy was a great friend this was a very great loss, Heaven is a little brighter today!!! BEAR!!

02/25/15 07:20 PM #73    


Gerald Baker

Sandy was truly a great guy - quiet, unassuming and kind to everyone. I well remember our days riding the bus together. For those who have not heard, Ron Bell's youngest brother, Gary, passed away today. Please remember Ron's and Gary's families in your prayers.

02/25/15 08:36 PM #74    


Peggy Harmon (Brady)

I ditto Mike Templeton's thank you to all the people that helped pull this reunion off in the middle of winter and with threatening weather.  Lolly's enthusiasm and leadership gave us all the motivation that we needed to be in Shelbyville last weekend to enjoy some of that positive energy that we shared years ago. 

Larry Phillips did us such a great service by creating and maintaining our web site so we can stay connected.

I think this class is very special and I'm not just saying that because Baer felt sorry for me and gave me the dancing contest trophy which I will treasure forever. I am truly grateful to have been a part of the class of '68 and I pray we all stay healthy so we can reconvene 2018  !!

02/26/15 10:24 AM #75    


Roy Overcast


Thanks to all for a great event!  So good to see everyone!  The coordination and hard work by all was much appreciated!  My email is  I do not do Facebook, thanks!


02/27/15 11:30 AM #76    


Cathy McClanahan (Kinser)

It was such a blessing to see everyone at the reunion.  Thank you so much to all of you who worked so hard to put it together and make it a wonderful success.  Lolly, thank you so much for encouraging me to come.  I loved seeing everyone and catching up.  The years seems to melt away with the memories shared.  Everyone was so gracious and friendly - what a lovely evening.

Pete and I have been so blessed in our 47 years together and we were blessed again to spend this evening with all of you.

02/27/15 02:40 PM #77    


Judy Snell (Sanders)

Another great, great night for the Class of '68.  So happy for those who travelled through the crazy weather to join us.  The memorial service tugged at my heart, and, I had a lump in my throat when we sang the Alma Mater.

Kudos all around to Larry and those who made the whole thing come together.

The "party" part of the night was absolutely great.  It was a night to remember., for sure.wink


I just learned about Ron Bell's little brother.  I knew him when he was a little boy.

Bless their family.

02/28/15 07:31 PM #78    


Patsy Reese ((Stovall) Andrews)

I like the more casual---- we can be like high school,,,, just a bunch hanging out and having fun. I wish I had gotten to talk the the ones I completely missed.... I won't make that mistake at our 50th,,,, so everybody make plans now to attend, because Lord willing--- I'll be there for sure

03/05/15 07:25 PM #79    


Nancy Steelman (Pigg)

Please add my name to the list of classmates expressing appreciation to the planning committee for an outstanding reunion!  Your unselfish commitment of time and energy, and your continued devotion to our class were reflected that evening.  Your attention to detail--fresh flowers on the tables, balloons, a picture frame for photographs, banners, and especially the impressive class member printed directory--exceeded expectations.  Rick's posting of songs daily on the class Facebook page plus performing with the band, were so special.  Larry, what a pleasure to visit with you and your wife, Barbara, and other classmates staying at the hotel (Peg and Joe, Lolly, Laura and Terry, Barbara, Ray, Mike and Terry), and helping Morgan guide me across the icy Huddle House parking lot on Saturday morning!  The memorial service also reflected care and concern for our deceased classmates and surviving family members.  The class website, and those who maintain it, is a labor of love.  Despite the messy weather, everyone pressed on to make this event joyful.  We are a blessed class, who have and continue to pay it forward!  May God grant us the pleasure of each other's company for our next celebration!

03/06/15 05:09 AM #80    


Larry Hart

What a blast!!!!!!! We still know how to do it. I was proud of you all. BEAR HART!!!

03/06/15 07:01 AM #81    


Randy Carroll

All the efforts of the reunion committee are truly appreciated. Many cherished memories were reborn and new ones created. I enjoyed seeing everyone and rekinding our relationships. My hope is to see everyone again for our 50th reunion. Until then, may God shower you and your families with His blessings! 

03/07/15 09:10 AM #82    

Rick Clanton

I wasn't sure what to expect, as I'd missed the first reunions, but I could not have been more satisfied. The ONLY low point, to me, was having to leave at 11. I hope next time, we can arrange to stay later, or start sooner. Thanks to everyone who made it, wish we had more time to get reaquainted! I'm with Bear, it was great!

03/07/15 12:15 PM #83    


Peggy Harmon (Brady)

Thanks for posting the pictures!

03/08/15 11:09 AM #84    


Barbara Bass (Boone)

To all of you, it was so wonderful to get together! There are a few I missed and for that, I apologize but it was so wonderful to catch up on our lives. Thanks to all on the decorating committee--we had so much fun getting it together and cooperation was fantastic! Love you Debbie for always coming through! Of course, the main committee did go over and beyond and thanks to Lolly for her leadership! Looking forward to seeing all at the 50th! A sideline--I think we can be so proud of our Memorial--Class of 68 will always be remembered!

03/16/15 08:30 PM #85    


Larry Phillips

I want to express the wonderful time that I and my wife, Barbara, had for during the 45+1 2015 Reunion. The long trip from Montana to Tennessee was worth it.  Lolly and I starting working together on the Reunion 3 months prior and it was a wonderful pleasure to work with her while getting to know each other after 46 years of zero contact.  The fun started with the Friday night dinner with Sara McKay, Gerald Baker, Lolly Farrar, Barbara Bass, Peggy and the one and only Ray McCall who kept us entertained that evening.  It was a pleasure to attend the Memorial Ceremony to remember and give tribute to our classmates that crossed over to the other side before us.  This was my first reunion and I’m so glad that I attended in person to see most of you.  It was wonderful to meet and hug my first grade sweetheart, Judy Snell, and finally tell Lolly Farrar that I apologize for being a shy boy that didn’t dance with her at 4-H Camp.  Gerald Baker was gracious to remind me that we played football together in Jr. High and him sharing his Gideon work with me.   It was a pleasure to have our chat sessions with the Micro Hotel group:   Peggy, Lolly, Laura, Barbara, and Ray.  For all of the wonderful spouses that I met during this weekend was so gratifying.    In a recent sermon that gave, I explained the experience of the Reunion celebration gives us some insight in how Heaven will be when we get to meet and talk with other saints that we haven’t seen in such a long time.  I especially want to thank all the ones that express their gratitude for the website to me.  It makes all the time spent worth it.   Also, I am very grateful to receive the framed copy of the Central High School that Virginia Parrish penciled long ago.    Stay healthy, be young and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the 50th Class of 68 Reunion.

03/17/15 08:22 AM #86    


Lolly Farrar (Watson)

Larry, you have made staying in touch a breeze!! And you are forgiven for refusing to dance with me at 4-H camp! Love all the pics you have posted!!

05/26/15 03:33 PM #87    


Judy Snell (Sanders)

So sorry to hear about the loss of another of our classmates...Carita Powell Newsome...she was a very sweet person.sad

05/27/15 12:10 PM #88    


Larry Hart

So sad, I heard of Carita passing, but I know she is with our  FATHER in heaven!!!

07/19/15 11:51 AM #89    


Judy Snell (Sanders)

Another loss from our class is Mary Helen Hopkins McClain.  She passed away Friday, 17 July.  All of us from Flat Creek knew her in school there and on in to high school.  She was a dear friend and classmate.  I am so sorry to hear of her loss.

08/18/15 09:14 AM #90    


Ricky Sanders

Memory of Coach Doug Langston & Coach John Stanford

I heard the sad news of the recent passing of our Coach Doug Langston... This brought some of my fond memories of Central High School a dancing... Two men who I admired & who had a strong & postive influence on my life are gone! I'm sorry that these men who dedicated their entire lives for young people, both in school sports & academics, would leave us so soon.

When Coach "D" was at CHS at Shelbyville he taught American History. I was fortunate to have been in one of his classes my junior year...I credit Coach Langston for my habit of reading the current events in newspapers today...
Back in the day...we had daily newspaper reports assigned to us. Coach "D" wanted his students to appreciate current events, being aware that we were living in history...& it being the 60's...we certainly lived through some didn't we?.

But my memory of Coach Langston goes much further & it begins with Coach John Stanford....A true school story in Spring1968...

Every spring from 1964-1968 before actual baseball practice began.. Coach John Stanford would only have pitchers & catchers report to him & we would go through 2 weeks of his grueling sessions called conditioning. Now this was before the rest of the basball team reported for spring practice. Coach explained it this way.."Since I was a pitcher in school & the majors...& I had the privilege to suffer through many workouts as a pitcher.. & now I just want to share some of my fun & experiences I had with y'all"! Once a catcher asked him "why do the catchers have to go through the same conditioning as pitchers"? "Because I don't want my pitchers to get overly conceited by having so much fun alone"!...he said.

During these conditioning sessions Coach Langston would sometimes come & watch us workout. Coach "D" was our school's head football coach & spring football practice was usually going he would hang around after football & he appeared to enjoy watching us in our pain, sometimes it seemed Coach "D" was glaring at us.

Our conditioning consisted of calisthenics, running a mile each day, weight room (a few weights), 100 to 150 pickups, (which I thoroughly disliked), & each session ended with 20 wind sprints (set of 10, 5,,5)

We used the football field.. where we ran 10 from the 25 yard line to the end zone(down & back as one), 5 from the 50 yard line & finish with 5 wind sprints from one end zone to the other...Coach Stanford would let us know if we did good or bad that session. The "good news" would be "that's all for the day guys...shower up"!! ..."bad news"...Coach would say..."I'm a little bit unhappy with the way we ran today..line up..give me 5 more" & to many times Coach told us "line up"!

It just so happens on one particular day Coach Stanford had to leave early before wind sprints, so he asked Coach Langston to watch us run the 20 sprints. This was bad because most us felt that Coach "D" didn't particularly like us...He had warned some of us at the start of school that his sole ambition was to paddle every baseball player before school ended... because as he put it... "he didn't care to much for that sissy sport" & now it was spring! Now it was his opportunity to lower the boom on us sissy baseball players.

At first... Coach Langston, with his usual glare, just watched us run from the football stands until the last sprint...then he yells out at us saying..."y'all bunch of sissies. Y'all can't run...y'all can do better ...let me come out there & show y'all how to run a sprint. When Coach "D" got to us he said, "if I beat y'all to the other end...y'all will run 10 extra sprints"! Then he shouts.."Line up!... Go"! We took off in a dead run. By the time we got to the other end of the field Coach Langston's face had turned "beet red" & he couldn't get his breath! Suddenly & briefly he faints. I mean Coach "D" hits the ground!
We thought he was horsing around at first...then quickly realized it was real! We looked at each other for a second & we said nothing..."Talking about boys being scared!...We were terrified"!! But in an instant Coach "D" jumped up .. laughed & jokingly said, "Must be out of shape...Guess I need to lost a few pounds"! So we headed to the showers...

Never got that paddling from Coach Langston...but did receive a lasting memory..

God Bless you Coach Doug Langston..& Coach John Stanford

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